Sunday, March 1, 2009

Happy Birthday to Madisyn!!!

Happy Birthday, Madisyn!!!

Ok, well her birthday was like 3 weeks ago...but between Tango's ear infections, tubes being put in his ears, more ear infections, school, gymnastics, cheerleading, my car getting broken into, Evan being out of town and stuff like that...I'm just now getting around to posting pictures of my now 6 year old baby girl!!!

We had her party at Sherri's house. We rented a cotton candy machine...the kids loved that! I'm sure their parents did too! :)

Allan took a try at making cotton all furry!!

Then Doc took a turn...i think that this is the SWEETEST I've ever seen him :)

We hired a magician to come out and do a magic show for the kids. He showed up and hour late due to a little diabetic issue...but after one hour of cotton candy eating, we got the show started.

Madisyn was a little scared of the man when he showed up. Fortunately, he chose her to help him with his first trick, and that really helped chill her out.

Tango walked around with his "phones", talking to his "people" ;)

Jayden got up and helped the magician as well

The poor girls...Tango was walking around just touching them.

We had to take a break from the magic show...the magician had a diabetic we "fixed" it by taking a cake break.

Tango thought he would see if he could get into the presents while noone was watching

The kids broke the pinata and Tango sat in the chair watching the candy fly into his lap!!

Shelby and Madisyn
After our little break, we went back to the magic show. Evan got to be part of the show. He was to shoot the balloon. He shot the balloon and it turned into a pigeon!!! It was crazy...we had no idea how he did that.

...then he somehow turned that pigeon into a rabbit!!!

Caleb got into some of the cake action.

Here are some pictures of Madisyn and the beautiful flowers that Grammy and Grande sent her.

Look how far our sweet little Madisyn has come!!!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!!

We had a different kind of Valentine's Day this year. Evan had to go to Houston...Larry had by-pass surgery on Friday...fortunately he only had to have one. He's still in ICU, but Evan said that he is dong well. Madisyn has been asking alot about what is going on, so I, in the best way to describe to a 5 year old, have told her that Grande had a surgery to fix his heart and that he'd be better than ever. She's very mature and seems to understand. We talked about how on Friday right before she ate, she should say a little prayer for Grande. She really makes me proud the way she seems to understand without getting out of control. Of course, she's had a lot go on in her short little life...she understands how precious life is and that we should respect it and take care of it.

So, the kids and I spent Valentine's day together. Thursday night, Madisyn and I stayed up til 11 making rice crispie treats and valentine's for her class. So Friday night, she fell asleep on the couch at like 730...poor baby was sleepy. She slept until 9 Saturday morning.

After signing up for another season of soccer, we ate lunch with one of my firends and her duaghter at McDonalds. Grimise came out to see the kids. They didn't know who Grimis was!!! Can you beleive that?

Madi didn't care...she saw a big purple dude and thought he was pretty cool....Tango on the other hand, not so sure about him.

While we were at McDonalds, Madisyn talked to Grande. You can see by her face how into the conversation she was. She has genuine concern and love for Grande. One of her friends from school was there and she was tryin g to talk to her...Madisyn told her to hush so she "could hear my Grande!"

When we got home, I had a little present for Madisyn.

So we spent the evening dong the little stained glass project that she got in her Valentine's basket.

Then we concluded the night with some Ramen noodles and a movie. It was a really great day...the best it could be without Evan being here with us. But all day long as we wished for Daddy, we thought of Grande and sent him best wishes.

So here are some other recent pictures of the kids...

Madisyn hand made her Valentines this year. She made a little monkey frame and put her picture on it...another reason we didn't go to bed til 1130 on thursday. This is the picture she put on it

Last week Madisyn's school had a crazy hair day. Since i leave so early in the morning, I thought I'd help Evan out and make Madisyn's crazy hair the night before. This is what we came up with......thought she'd be able to sleep with it and not mess it up too badly...and she didn't. But what was neat was when we took her hair down that next made cute little ringlets all over her head. She said that she wants to wear her hair like that for her birthday.

Tango pulled a candle (not lit) down on his head the other day...see his third eye? Poor little guy. As soon as it fell on him, the bruise and knot was there.

Madisyn went to a friends birthday party the other day...they had this flipping thing there. madisyn had loads of fun on it

Little Tango and his feet. I know that i have posted pictures before mentioning his crossed ankles. When i got him out of bed the other day, this is how he was. isn't it sweet?
And here is a 10 of Tango dancing in the car yesterday. i got it with my little camera while we were at a red it's quick...but he's cute